Holistic Pulsing takes the concept of movement and used it in an extremely gentle, caring way. The recipient "Pulsee" lies on a massage table and working with the natural movement found in the body the "Pulser" assists the "Pulsee" to become aware of what is happening in their body and the messages it is giving. The movement increases the flow of body fluids aiding in the erosion of tension and toxins that have been built up either from physical or emotional trauma. Memories may surface too and these can be worked through as necessary. As the "Pulsee" become more aware of their needs, they start to take charge of the session, guiding the "Pulser" to work on specific areas. Unlike many Therapies the "Pulser" is not there to "cure", but simply "to be" with and assist where necessary.

Developed by Tovi Browning, N.D., D.O. in the 1980's Holistic Pulsing (HP) was the result of Tovi's experience with many different therapies and ideas (Reichian therapy, Craniopathy, Osteopathy, Tragering, Gestalt, and the works of Alexander Lowen, Ken Dychtwald, Curtis Turchin, David Boadella, and others). Since then HP has spread from New Zealand to Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Israel and U.S.A and possibly others. While still relatively unknown in some of these countries, training courses are now becoming part of Natural Therapy Colleges and standards required of Therapist are constantly increasing.

being pulsed

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