Close your eyes and try to picture the love and gentleness given to a young baby being rocked to sleep in someone's arms. Pulsing captures this gentleness and nurturing allowing relaxation like many of us haven't know for a long time. Life's experiences fill us with tension in various parts of our body and its not easy to let these go. The irresistable flow that pulsing creates makes it possible for even most stressed out person to begin to relax.
About the Session:

An average One-on-one session is one hour, but shorter or longer sessions can be arranged. Please phone or email us for an appointment.

Loose non-restricting clothing is best to be worn to a session as anything tight may restrict movement. Any jewellery, earrings or watch are best removed.

The session will start and end with a brief discussion and time to answer any questions.

Holistic Pulsing is not for Everyone

On you first session any known medical problems should be mentioned and if there is doubt, it is advised to get medical clearance first.

Pulsing is not recommended for certain conditions eg: Deep Vein Thrombosis or Cancer of the Lymphatic System.

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