An elderly woman could feel an asthma attack coming on one evening.  She lay on the bed and with 5-10 minutes of pulsing, her breathing had eased and she was relaxed and able to go to sleep.

A squirmy 2 yr old would not go down for his afternoon nap and his mother was starting to get agitated.  Five minutes of pulsing and this young lad was sound asleep.

A woman who was on the edge of a nervous breakdown was helped to let go some of the traumas and find her way onto the path that lead to recovery.

A energetic builder in his 40s described himself as hyperactive.  After 3 or 4 sessions his partner commented that she was noticing a definite change in him.

A woman in her 50s going through menopause found her monthly bleed did not end. After bleeding for over 2 months with doctors, specialists and a variety of other therapist unable to help she tried a pulsing session.  The bleeding stopped within 12 hours.

A woman in her 20s found that her PMS totally disappeared after a number of sessions.